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The answer to this question depends on various factors including the desired image quality, portability, and other factors. I will narrow down to tell you that Nikon camera or Sonny HD is the right digital camera you need to buy. Instead, I will explore different types of digital cameras, their pros, and cons. This information will help you to make a sound decision regarding the type of digital camera you should buy.

Note that there are three primary types of digital cameras: bridge cameras, compact digital cameras, and the DSLR/CSC camera.

Compact digital cameras

These are cameras that are small enough to be carried in handbags or pockets. The best compact digital cameras offer a perfect compromise between price and features and can shoot high-quality photos and videos. For perfect photography, you should ensure that you have picked the camera with the right features. Otherwise, you will end up with a shaky camera that takes out-of-focus pictures.

compact cameras



Compact digital cameras have automatic modes which perfect for the users who have no experience at all. Also, they are lightweight, and this makes it easier to carry these cameras around. Lastly, these cameras are affordable – you can get a good digital camera costing less than $300, $200 or even less than $100.


Some models lack a viewfinder and for some compact digital cameras, the buttons can be small and fiddly.

Bridge camera

A bridge camera is a famous halfway house between digital SLRS and the compact digital cameras. They have more advanced features as compared to the compact digital cameras, and they are not as sophisticated or expensive as the digital SLR cameras.

Bridge cameras have fixe-lens set-up that offers perfect zoom capabilities, but the user cannot change the camera lenses.  These cameras are budget-friendly for those who would wish to add some sheen on their holiday photos.

Bridge camera


The Bridge cameras feature huge zoom lengths and offer the user more control over the image quality. They also have inbuilt viewfinder for great photography experience.


They have fixed lenses which are not interchangeable. Also, their compact sensors fall short of DSLR/CSC standards.


These are the best digital cameras are ideal for those who want extra professional control over their photography and achieve the highest possible photo quality. Though these cameras tend to be slightly expensive, they are flexible as they allow you to interchange lenses to suit your needs. If you are looking for a DSLR/CSC for adventure, consider buying a compact system camera that is small in size and allows you to interchange lenses.



These cameras have large sensors, implying that they capture very detailed images. Also, they have interchangeable lenses and other features that offer the user more control over the picture quality.


DSLR/CSC cameras tend to be very expensive. They are bulky in size, and this makes it hard to hold them in one hand.


There is a perfect digital camera for everyone depending on one’s needs and how much he is able to pay for the camera.