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If you are an SEO expert or a digital marketer, then you are used to website hosting. You know how challenging it can be to manage all your blogs and still meet the deadlines you have for publishing content on your website

CloudFyre is here to help you reduce your workload and achieve the best website speeds to increase visitor satisfaction and conversion. The company specializes in providing WordPress hosting and automation for professionals and agencies. 

This review focuses on CloudFyre features, which makes it stand out in the market. By the end of this discussion, you would have made the right choice of a WordPress hosting company you should go for in the flooded market.

Essential features

The company has been in the industry for many years now offering exceptional hosting services. It never stops proving to be the best in the industry with their easy to use tools. The company’s mission is to hold your hand in the process of building, hosting, and automating your website. 

They have a simple dashboard that gives you all the necessary features you need to improve your blogging. On their dashboard, you will quickly build websites in less than a minute by the press of a button.

Ensuring your websites are safe and secure should be your top priority. CloudFyre guarantees you maximum protection and performance. They ensure your sites are simple and easy to manage with their automated services. They assemble all your websites in a central place so that you can check on their health, publication, and traffic. This way, you can manage the websites to ensure you achieve your purpose. 

By registering to the company for WordPress hosting services, you are assured free migration, automated backups, faster creation of sites, and ready and willing support team. The company provides you different pricing and services packages, including bespoke packages to suit your budget. For any package, you choose they give you up to seven days free trial after which you can fully register for their services. 


Secure – The company ensure reliable hosting of your website with many service providers like Softlayer, Linode, and Amazon. To avoid any hacking threats, they provide 1 TB of DDos protection and free malware scanning and removal.

Performance – the self healing, auto-scaling platform is built for WordPress specifically so customers report average speed increase of 40%+ when compared to other WordPress hosting companies.

Easy to use – They provide the best user interface. You can quickly go through the WP installation process in less than a minute. It is simple to navigate through their interface whether you are a novice user or experienced developer. 

Automated services – CloudFyre ensures you can save time and resources on maintaining your websites. They provide the option of automated core, theme and plugin updates. This is a unique feature offered by the company. With most  hosting services, you have to do this yourself. 

Regular backups– the company backs up all the data on your sites every 24 hrs just in case you need to retrieve or restore in the future. Most hosting services require you to add plugins to ensure your data is safe. However, this hosting company does it freely at no extra cost.


–    It can only host WordPress websites

–    You are restricted to the type of topics you can publish. They do not host adult content, hate speech, and gambling topics. This should not be a big deal because this is uncalled for in society.


Trust me. Nothing goes wrong with CloudFyre. They are always kept on their on their toes by the agencies clients they work with to ensure sites are secure and healthy. They have around-the-clock support desk. They are also readily available to respond to all your inquiries and help you achieve your goals as an entrepreneur or an agency. This is the best WordPress hosting services company for any websites you intend to have. Go for it to witness the difference yourself.